You named ten sourcing locations around the world.

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Global Services Crossword Puzzle: Latin American Locations
Can You Name the Location?

Use the clues to fill in the words above.
2. This country hosts the largest IT-BP talent pool in Latin n and witnessed the highest number of center setups in the Latin nn region during 2022-H1 and 2023 | Answer is 6 Letters
4. Dubbed as the 'Land of Volcanoes,' this rising IT and BPO hub in Latin n faces mounting macroeconomic concerns, notably surging debt vulnerabilities | Answer is 10 Letters
6. In the Everest Group's Global Locations PEAK Matrix® 2023 report, this Latin nn country ranks as the top performer for contact center services delivery, drawing global enterprises and service providers with its exceptional cost-to-talent proposition | Answer is 8 Letters
8. Latin n's largest country (by size of population and area) is witnessing a surge of investment in its tier-2 and tier-3 cities, promising an exciting future | Answer is 6 Letters
9. Amidst a tumultuous half-decade of political and economic turmoil, this country continues to be leveraged by existing global organizations, thanks to its skilled workforce and cost advantages| Answer is 9 Letters

1. Situated just south of Mexico, this burgeoning country witnessed a remarkable surge in its talent pool in 2023 and is primarily leveraged by service providers to support customer care and non-voice business services | Answer is 9 Letters
3. Fueled by an exceptionally favorable risk environment, this country has not only secured a substantial share in business process service delivery but also experienced an unprecedented surge in new center setups in 2022 | Answer is 9 Letters
5. Despite boasting the most attractive corporate tax rate in all of Latin n, this promising country remains underexplored, due to talent pool shortage | Answer is 8 Letters
7. This country offers a business-friendly legal framework with a competitive corporate tax rate, though it faces challenges stemming from potential natural disasters and relatively lower maturity for complex technology services | Answer is 5 Letters